About us

Villa & Hut was born back in April 2008. Run by Martin and Will, we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our furniture and the quality and friendliness of our service. We import furniture, lighting and homeware from all around the world, as well as source unique and interesting pieces here in the UK, all set in our 17th Century barn, hopefully we offer something a little different!

We support eco-friendly timber recycling. The timbers that we use in all our products come from only two sources. most of the timber is predominantly reclaimed or recycled, whilst some is purpose grown in sustainable timber plantations.

Reclaimed Timber

Some of our favourite furniture pieces have had past lives as doors, beams, bridges and buildings that maybe up to 100 years old. This is reflected in the grain, the colour, and the originality of each of the uniquely individual pieces of our furniture.

Sustainable Timber Plantations

Timber plantations avoid the relentless logging and destruction of native and precious forests across the globe. Plantations are managed at an ecologically sustainable level. We believe it is our and our customers responsibility to ensure all of our furniture is produced from plantation or reclaimed timber.

All recycled timber is of course seasoned naturally over time during its previous life. All plantation grown timber is kiln dried for a period of 7-10 days, with a stabilised moisture content to suit our climate. If you buy a piece of our handmade furniture you have bought a solid timber product that is either mahogany or teak. Timber is a natural and sustainable product. It is environmentally friendly, and should last you and your home a lifetime!

Types of Wood Used


  • Considered a large Hardwood, grown predominantly in South East Asia.
  • Texture of the wood is course and even
  • Grain is often interlocked, giving a ribbon effect on the surface.
  • Extremely durable.
  • A beautiful looking wood displaying various shades of red – ‘Light Red & Dark Red’. (No two pieces are the same in colour)
  • Has characteristics of ‘Antique style’ which makes each piece unique.
  • Ages extremely well
  • By being porous mahogany absorbs oils which best enhances it’s wonderful grain.


  • A large Hardwood from India, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Typically golden brown in colour.
  • Teak contains an Olio resin which gives it a greasy feel and distinctive odour to freshly cut wood.
  • Texture of the wood is uneven.
  • Grain of the wood is usually straight.
  • Grain comes to life with oil.
  • Extremely durable for outdoor use, non-porous wood therefore can withstand rain.