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Besp-Oak Reclaimed Wood Work Bench With Hooks. Dimensions: H85 x W55 x D140cm. This unique and distinctive range is made from wooden bleachers salvaged from the old Cal Memorial Stadium in California. Made from Douglas Fir and rare old growth woods such as Port Orford and Alaskan Yellow Cedar, the bleachers still have remnants of the yellow paint and engraved seat numbers adding to its rustic character and charm. The Cal Furniture Collection features bold silhouettes and industrial accents, and really showcases the natural beauty of this heritage wood for a look that is both classic and individual. Each item is not only a wonderful talking point of any room, but a chance to own a piece of sporting history.
You don’t have to be a Golden Bears fan to appreciate the charm of this collection. But you’ll need to be quick because when the old bleachers run out, so will our furniture.

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